The funding from these organisations help us reach out and support some of most disadvantaged in society and provide them with the skills and qualifications to prepare them for the demanding world of work:

  • Trades House of Glasgow: Commonweal Fund

       "Trades House was established to help protect and support the crafts people of         the City. Over the centuries it housed the Trades Free School for boys and                   girls, worked closely with educational establishments within the City to                       support initiatives when appropriate and used funds built up following                         donations from generous benefactors to assist those in need."

      The Trades House of Glasgow (2021) Commonweal Fund | The Trades House of Glasgow

Commonweal Fund.png
  • Garfield Weston Foundation 
       "The Garfield Weston Foundation aims to be responsive to where need is                     greatest and therefore supports a wide range of charitable activity. The                       Trustees have a preference for charities directly delivering services and                     activities to those in need, and are especially keen to see applications from                 charities in the Welfare, Youth and Community sectors and also in regions of             economic disadvantage. The Foundation supports a broad range of charities               across the UK that make a positive difference."
   Garfield Weston Foundation (2021) Garfield Weston/what-we-do/about-the-foundation/ 
Garfield Weston Fnd.png
  • The Ryvoan Trust
        "The Ryvoan Trust aim to provide support to charities in aid of children, young            people, adults and families. The Trust's area of interest is children,                              economically/ socially disadvantaged, general public, mental health                            conditions, ill-health, young people."
      The Ryvoan Trust (2020) Home - Ryvoan Trust
The Ryvoan Trust.png
  • The Robertson Trust 
       "The Robertson Trust focus is on improving the lives of people and                              communities experiencing poverty and trauma. We work with others, using              all our tools and resources to improve the wellbeing of people with                            experience of poverty, trauma or both. We fund and support third sector                    organisations and communities working to address these issues, and build              evidence to inform policy and practice."
      The Robertson Trust (2020) The Robertson Trust/about-us/what-we-do/ 
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  • The Gannochy Trust

        "The Gannochy Trust Grant-Making aim to be a responsive and engaged funder            for organisations that develop, inspire and improve peoples’ lives, in particular            children, young people and people who are disadvantaged or vulnerable.                      Support projects which improve the availability or quality of the built and                      natural environment for wide community use."

     The Gannochy Trust (2021) 


Without these funders support it would not be possible to support our learners. A big thank you!