We are very passionate about the training and support we offer to our trainees and are very thankful that we are having positive outcomes from this and strongly hope this continues.
First Steps is very proud to announce the achievement of our awards: 
Global Excellence Award 2019

2019 Global Excellence Awards: Best Non-Profit Youth Training Provider 2019 -Scotland

Scottish Enterprise Award 2019

Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019: Construction Training Provider of the Year 2019

Scottish Enterprise Award 2018

Scottish Enterprise Awards 2018: Best Construction Training Provider 2018

Innovation & Excellence Award 2018

Innovation & Excellence Award 2018: Training Providers of the Year, Glasgow

Scottish Enterprise Award 2017

Scottish Enterprise Award 2017: Award for Excellence in Youth & Community Work

Scottish Enterprise Awards 2017 - PUBLIC

SME NEWS: Scottish Enterprise Award 2017 To find out more information about us and the award please click on the link below: