Our ValueS
At First Steps Future Training we value the principles of diversity and inclusion and work to ensure that all members of our community have a voice and are respected and valued. We provide a safe and secure environment conducive to effective learning that empowers individuals to be good citizens. We promote the rights and responsibilities of all, based on good partnership with the wider community. The core values of wisdom, compassion, justice, integrity and trust should be evident in all that we do.


Our Vision
Within a caring and supportive community of learning, First Steps Future Training aspire to enable our learners to become ambitious and independent. To fulfil their potential with a zest for life-long learning. The core values of wisdom, compassion justice, integrity and trust should be evident in all that we do.

Our Aims
Experience the highest quality of learning and teaching in a broad curriculum which meets their needs.
Are able to take responsibility for their own learning.
We challenge with motivating tasks and activities.
Are able to relate to others and manage their own behaviour.
Feel they are treated equally, fairly and with respect.
Experience a smooth transition from one stage of training to employment.


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